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Asset Management Automation

Service Level 2 : Digital Twin as a Services

  1. Deploy internet of Things (ioT) : We provide internet of Things (ioT) networks, including site survey and appropriate ioT installations in your property and on assets. This includes ioT deployments on machine assets that our clients aim to perform routine maintenance on.
  2. Integrate Information Flow : We provide integrative information flow that unifies information streams for easy access and oversight.
  3. Develop Multi-Dashboard : We provide multi-dashboard designs for control and access, tailored to all stakeholders involved.
  4. Cybersecure the system : We provide cybersecurity protocols. When creating new systems and integration platforms, cybersecurity is a must and is critically important to organizations.
  5. Go Live : Once your system goes live, we also provide proper training and software commissioning.

Remark : Substantial Cost Reduction

Level 2 benefits :  Lower maintenance workloads by reducing routine works such as machine operations and manual monitoring. This can be done via remote access.

Level 2 benefits : Reducing building labor expenses by more than 40%, compared to conventional property management.

Level 2 benefits : Costs include technology deployment, i.e. 1.) Service Fees 2.) Hardware Fees such as ioT equipment and routers, as well as Asset Activator’s proprietary software. The respective fees are subscription-only and equipment and other hardware purchases are not required.

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