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Asset Information Management

Service Level 1 : Digital Twin Model

  1. Create BIM Model : We create BIM models that accurately reflect construction information, material and machine specifications of their real-life counterparts.
  2. Place on Cloud : We provide exclusive linkage to the Cloud, maintained by us, for individual clients. Our service also includes information back-ups that secures your works and information constantly, as well as a myriad of cybersecurity protocols that ensures your cybersafety.
  3. Link to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) : We provide data links between BIM models and your organization’s ERP, maintenance functions or any other protocols currently used.
  4. Appoint Asset Information Manager : We assign leading experts on asset information management that can track and update your asset information, whether it be small-scale renovations to large-scale building extensions.

Service Level 1 is suitable for :

Properties that undergo constant changes, such as shopping malls.

Properties that require high levels of safety protocols, such as chemical plants and factories.

Properties that accommodate large numbers of users, such as stadiums and convention halls.

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