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Knowing Asset Activator

Property Tech Operation Company

The first property tech operation company in Thailand that use the BIM technology expertise to develop Digital Twin as an intelligent solution for property data management.

Enhancing business growth, assist in problem solving, and increase the property value.

Our vision

We believe that “Digital Twin is not limited to the engineering usage. It is the basic digital infrastructure that revolutionizes the management of property and commercial real estate.”

Asset Activator builds from teams of experts in engineering, real estate, software developers, and digital technology with over 40 years of experience. In addition to developing Digital Twin by BIM, we develop Asset Management Stream (AMS) as a new dimension in digital property management. This development will anchor Digital Twin as the “new standard” for effective property data management in commercial real estate.

Our mission

We aim to increase business grow for property owners through using advanced technology in Digital Twin. We focus on highly dynamic industrial and large scaled property which are highly complex and require analysis of data from numerous sources.

We commit to develop our solution as the “intelligence agency” for your business to enhance the property management, generate more value by:

  • Create Digital Twin of your property to deliver good experience for your business partners and enhance the decision making.
  • Offer real time, accurate, thorough, and accessible solution for every party involved.
  • Provide advice and prediction of the property value to improve the competitive advantage.

Management Team

Sompat Supawit

Assistant Prof. Dr. Ponn Virulrak
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Dr. Saratchai Ongprasert
Chief Operation Officer (COO)

Our Clients

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